Supplemental data

Supplemental tables referred to in our Int J Cancer manuscript


Click icon to download file.Supplemental table 1. The detailed results for the dynamic re-training algorithm as well as for three genomic surrogates of commercially available diagnostic tests with survival information for each of the 3,534 patients included in the database pool used for identification of training set samples. Format: MS Excel XLSX.


Supplemental table 2. The top 100 genes with the highest prevalence in the 3,534 leave one out cross validation calculations. Format: MS Excel XLSX.


Additional supplemental files available for download


Additional table 1: the complete list of all JetSet best probe sets used for the normalization and for the analysis. Format: TAB separated TXT file. 



Additional table 2: A normalized gene expression table for all 3,534 patients for all genes.  Format: TAB separated TXT file.